Tuesday, June 12, 2012

3 Things a Real Psychic Can Tell You With Their Eyes Closed

Do psychics need to "see" you to read your past, your present or your future? Does a good psychic or medium need eye contact to communicate clairvoyantly with your soul... or spiritual self? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at 3 things any good psychic or medium can tell about you from a million miles away... as physical distance has nothing to do with genuine intuitive insight at all. Curious? Let's take a closer look below.
Energy or Aura
The truth is, your energy or aura has very little to do with your physical body (even though this is a very common myth and misconception many amateur psychics will "sell" you). Your aura is about attitude. And vibration. And a sense of spiritual or soulful sensitivity. Your voice is a far more powerful indicator of your aura that your body is... and a good psychic can sense this, read it and interpret it from anywhere in the world. (Interestingly... some of the best aura readers happen to be blind).
Each of us is born for a reason. You are here to do very specific things. In my belief system, you've chosen this life, and all of the challenges that accompany it. Why? Because we are all here to grow and flow and mature as spiritual beings of live and light. Every obstacle is an opportunity to grow and advance... and your true purpose is clear to any clairvoyant who picks up, tunes in and empathetically understands your emotional energy. Some psychics, astrologers and tarot readers believe that your voice (or aura, like above) allows them to tune into a universal "file cabinet" (often called the Ashkashic Records) where they can tell you what you SHOULD be doing to live a life you love (and the one you were destined to follow).
Lost Loved Ones or Spirit Guides
Each of us has spirit guides. And again, picking up on these has nothing to do with your physical body... but rather, your energy, your aura and vibration. Some spirit guides are loved ones that have passed on before you. Others are energies that look after you... and you've never met in "this" life. I've yet to meet or work with a good psychic who doesn't believe that each of us gets messages from "above"... and the very best psychics and mediums can often pick YOURS up simply by tuning in to your voice, vibration and need to know!

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