Sunday, July 8, 2012

Do Police Use Psychics to Solve Crimes? The Straight Scoop on "Psychic Detectives"

Q: Do the police really use psychics or is that just something we see on TV?
A: A good and very common question! The truth is, most police organizations have a public "policy" that states they don't rely on psychics to do crime solving and detective work. That said, they also have a very clear public mandate to use and investigate all information rendered by the public to aid and assist in solving a crime. In this way, they can say (as it pertains to psychics) that they don't solicit the advice of psychic detectives... and yet simultaneously, use psychic or intuitive tips if appropriate.
Here is the truth that most psychic articles, blogs or websites won't tell you:
1 - Most psychic "tips", in a cold case or crime situation are NOT helpful. Many people call in "tips" during high profile cases that purportedly come from sources outside of the ordinary senses... and most often, these tips are wrong and worthless to law enforcement.
That said...
2 - There ARE many well known and gifted psychics, mediums and clairvoyants who have been instrumental in the solving of many crimes... and they have been lauded and applauded by some of the highest law enforcement agencies in the world (including the CIA, the FBI and countless local law enforcement agencies on a grass roots level around the globe).
To ignore this, is to ignore the truth (even though many skeptics will try to argue otherwise).
Some important considerations to take if you are looking for a psychic to help you "solve" something in your own life?
1 - Make sure you pick the right type of psychic. Most psychic detectives use a very special form of clairvoyance, or something called psychometry to help pick up the energy or emotional vibration off of people, places and things associated with a crime or mystery. These types of psychics are NOT really great at more basic life advice sort of questions like love, relationship, career... or even life purpose type of questions (the sorts of things most of us want to know).
2 - Avoid any psychic or medium that PROMISES you a specific result. The best sensitives won't tell you they have special magical powers, or can bring back a lover, or can even solve a mystery with 100% certainty. Instead, they can offer insight, illumination, inspiration and information... the 4 critical "I's that most psychics learn early on, are the most important as well!
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