Sunday, July 15, 2012

NEW: Want to Become a Professional Psychic? Do THIS (But Don't Overdo It!)

Q: What is the easiest way to become a professional psychic or medium? Do I need to take classes, study with some celebrity or can I just put my psychic skills out to the public, and let them decide whether or not I'm as gifted as I believe I am?
A: The funny thing is, many of the most famous psychics and mediums in the world have only started working in the second half of their lives. It's not uncommon for someone to begin a career as a professional medium after the age of 35 or 40, and many who did, have gone on to become amongst the most sought after psychics in the world.
The good news?
In 2011, there were well over 1 million telephone readings done by just the most popular psychic networks and services who published their numbers. That doesn't count the hundreds, if not thousands of smaller psychics who work for themselves, and advertise in their local community, or even on the web, but aren't affiliated with any larger entity.
The steps to launch a professional psychic service?
Hook up, if you can (and especially in the beginning) with a well known, reputable psychic network. They can literally give you all of the business you can handle from jump, and if you are good and consistent and your audience appreciates your efforts, you can literally develop a community "cult" following in a matter of months.
Spend something time building up your own online site, and reading resume. Even if you work for an outside agency, having your own blog is very important, and allows you to have a separate brand outside of your affiliation with a professional network. (who may not let you also do private readings through your own site if you work for them... but you CAN have your own blog and social profiles, and you very well should as well)
Get comparison readings by OTHER paid psychics, mediums and professionals. One of my favorite professional mediums (who has thousands of regular, repeat clients throughout the year) tells me she gets an anonymous reading of her own at least twice a month. In other words, she'll call another psychic or service as a client or customer, and compare her own offers and readings to the insight, illumination and inspiration she gets from peers in her field. 
Don't OVERDO this, either... as it can be overwhelming when you are first starting, especially if you find your own abilities don't compare well with others who have more experience, and have been doing this "work" longer. You want your "competition" to enhance your confidence, not crush it. 
Lastly, always focus on the 4 "I's" that every professional psychic must learn to convey. Insight, Information, Illumination and Inspiration. That's truly what all of us want in our lives... and if you can offer this to your clients and callers, you'll never want for work again!

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