Monday, July 2, 2012

3 Psychic Abilities You Probably Already Have (But Don't Know It Yet)

You PROBABLY have the power of precognition:
Everyone has had an experience where they've felt something was about to happen... and then, invariably, it does. A phone call from an old friend. An email from a co-worker you haven't heard from in months. Of course, many consider these to be coincidence, as do I when they happen once... when they begin to add up, and "stack" there is a good chance it's your inner intuition trying to tell you something important is coming down the pike. (pay attention!)
The psychic ability to read objects.
Psychics call this psychometry. Many psychic detectives and crime solvers use this to read the energy or vibration coming off an object, or an item belonging to a victim of a crime, or a perpetrator of a crime. (i.e. - the criminal him or herself) All "things" are made up of energy... and are mostly empty space. That chair you are sitting on right now, that desk you work off of and even the wall in front of you is actually 99.9% empty space, made up of tiny particles that are vibrating at incredible speed. That vibration emits an energy, as does everything else in the universe... and this is quite often, the source of information a good psychic "reads" when they tune into the emotion of an object. (so too can YOU, even though you have probably never considered trying it!)
The ability to communicate and connect with spirits, or your loved ones who have crossed over.
There is a big myth that only mediums can communicate with spirit. The real truth is, only mediums feel comfortable doing it professionally, or have invested the time, energy and effort to understand the most effective ways to make contact. MOST spirit communication, or extraordinary experiences are actually spontaneous, and happen to ordinary people just like me and you. (and not brand name celebrity psychics and mediums who get most of the accolades on TV or in the media)
Not to say there aren't, of course... mediums who have mastered the art and science of communicating with those that have crossed over, because of course... there are some who are amazingly gifted at doing just that. (and I've spoken to many of them personally over the years) But, the truth is, with a little bit of practice, an open mind, good intentions and a true desire to speak to those who have moved on to the next level or life, just about EVERYONE can experience afterlife evidence, first hand and personally for themselves.

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