Tuesday, June 19, 2012

4 Past Life Secrets You DON'T Need to "Die" To Discover

1 - We Choose Our Challenges: Every obstacle we need to overcome, every conflict we need to resolve, every challenge is chosen. And for a reason. While we aren't designed to know it all, and we may NEVER understand why we've elected to face specific hardships in this life, understanding that the above is true can be an incredibly freeing, inspiring and EMPOWERING awakening.
2 - Past life memories are MOST common in children. It's strange... but 100% trte that some of the most scientifically studied, and verified cases of past life evidence have come from small children who remember detailed, hyper specific previous lives that are full of factual details that are impossible to explain away as luck, good guesses or chance (thousands of these cases have been published... including some in the most prestigious medical "magazine" in the world - The New England Journal or Medicine).
3 - Soul-mates, and spiritual partners... are perpetually present across many lifetimes.
Your husband, your wife, your children, your best friends, your business partner, your boss... all the people in your life are POTENTIALLY (not all) a part of the ongoing fabric that is your spiritual grow and journey. It's very common for soul groups to "come back" together, and quite often, you can look at your current relationships and simply feel, sense or intuit karmic connections to the people you love (and are here to learn from) most.
4 - Roles CAN be Reversed!
This is a weird one, but many psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and people who examine spiritually tranforsmative experiences like past life recall, will tell you that many people who explore their past life memories will remember someone on their CURRENT life, being in their past life, but a different sex. Or, the role is reversed. (a parent was a child, a husband once a wife, and so forth) This is a strange concept when you first consider it, but when looked at from the perspective of KARMA, and the idea that we are truly timeless spiritual beings and all here to learn, go, grow and flow together through multiple lifetimes, it begins to make sense that we would CHOOSE to experience different roles for this very reason. (the aggressor becomes the victim, the next time... the victim the aggressor, and so forth)
The one truism which has shown up in every past life reading, recall or experience I've ever witnessed in 15 years of writing about and researching this field, personally and professionally alike?
That we are ALL here to learn to love. That love and light are truly the fabric of the Universe... and that embracing that light and living as close to your own truth as possible, is the one PURE path to pursue. And that each of us is here for a reason... and that your unique passion, and purpose and path is meant to be lived and loved! (and THAT'S the real secret to spiritual fulfillment and true happiness!!

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