Friday, June 1, 2012

3 Reasons To See A Psychic That MAY Surprise You

Reason #1: To confirm a skeptical or cynical point of view about the paranormal
Believe it or not, in my own personal research and experience into psychic, new age, spiritual and paranormal phenomena, about 20% of those who immerse themselves in this universe are NON believers. Often, they are people who want to confirm an existing bias that all of this stuff is silly new age nonsense, and more often than not, they'll pick the kind of reader that will confirm and validate their suspicions. (In other words, they'll find the worst psychics or mediums possible without doing any due diligence in advance, get a bad reading... and then re-assert why all psychics are fake).
Reason #2: To communicate with loved ones who have crossed over or very recently passed on
Another 20% of so of all readings are done by mediums and for people who looking to validate that their loved ones DO live on after physical death. The funny thing is, this is exactly what got me interested in psychic phenomena many years ago, and it was one uncannily eerie (and accurate) reading that turned my skeptic into certitude and curiosity into conviction that there really IS some sort of afterlife waiting for us all.
A good medium CAN be a life changing experience, and even if you are skeptical, I encourage you to find one you can talk to and try to trust... because if you find someone good, and have lost someone you love, your perspective on their passing will NEVER be the same. (And in a GOOD way as well!)
Reason #3: Love, Romance and Relationship Advice
The truth is, in 2011, there were well over 1 million phone readings done, just by the major phone psychic networks and services across the US, UK and Europe alone. Out of those total readings, some industry statistics suggest that 50% or so were readings whose primary purpose were matters of love, lust, romance, relationship and CRISES related to cheating, heartbreak and the like.
The surprising group of people most likely to get a psychic reading these days?
Highly educated professional women, between the ages of 25-55, who have a college degree and make MORE money than their spouse, boyfriend or male counterpart (75K or above on average).
Of course there are plenty of other good reasons as well... including that it's a fun, inexpensive and entertaining way to experience something that EVERYONE should try at least once!

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